Kids are a notoriously soft spot when it comes to the America’s Got Talent judges. Unless a kid projectile vomits on the stage, they tend to get put through to Vegas. Such was the case for DJ Face.

DJ Face is a six-year-old DJ that gained favor from all of the judges. “I wanna see you do it with Nick,” Piers said. Nick obliged.”It’s a yes from me,” said all three. And DJ Face did it all in a sweatervest.

DJ Face has a Youtube page at KidDJFace. The description for one of the videos says, “He does his own blends, his own remixes, his own edits, his own transitions… he DOES IT ALL… This kid is amazing and should be recognized for his skills.” And then, of course, there is contact information. Whoever is in charge of the account (presumably his parents or guardians) doesn’t hold back in saying he’s the best. There are a huge amount of tags on the videos, including: “Willow Smith, Old School, Ol’Skool, UNBELIEVABLE, Skills, Awesome, WOW, CRAZY, Football, African, American, Cute, Kid, the, best, footwork, crew.”

There also seems to be another DJ Face, a middle aged white male whose real name is Gavin Mills: DJ Face Discography. He’s been around for over 13 years, so if there’s a name controversy to be had… he should win.

One of the comments on the kid DJ Face’s Youtube video says, “Wtf? I mean he’s ok but that’s hardly being a Dj. Props to u both but the title way overstates the talent here…” Was he good? You tell me.  More than that, was he just good for his age, or really great at this craft?