Ready to cringe? Captain Stab Tuggo and Maybelle are ready to help you!

Captain Stab-Tuggo (Chris Steele) has been a professional body piercer for 16 years. He’s also visibly a fan of tattoos. For theĀ  act he only said he would be showing a 90 second window into their life. It seemed like it might become a duet for a second, but it didn’t go in that direction. As “It’s In His Kiss” played, the couple pretended to fight (badly needing acting lessons) about hanging up laundry. Inexplicably this was the segue for the Captain to decide to take the hanger, straighten it, and swallow it. …At least I finally understood what his “talent” was.

He also swallowed a sword like metal object and picked up two heavy bricks using his throat. It was so cringe worthy that the judges turned around for most of it. “Now I know who to call in case I ever lock my keys in my stomach,” Howie joked.

Though personally disgusted and unable to watch the act, Piers said he could see the audience loved it. Howie said there’s a place for sideshow acts and voted yes. Sharron said it didn’t work for her and gave them a no. Curiously, Piers then gave them a yes. When you google for Captain Stab-Tuggo you see that it would appear his wife Maybelle isn’t really part of his act most of the time. Maybe if he re-framed this act people wouldn’t be so confused.