The American Idol judges visited Milwaukee as the AI season 10 auditions continued. As Randy Jackson so eloquently said, “Milwaukee, let’s be about it!” Veteran Danny Gokey (2 seasons prior) was even there to help see everyone through.

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American Idol Season 10 Audition Highlights:

The All-American 16 year old who could croon country songs in a deep, deep voice.  This caused Steven Tyler to talk about f*#king a duck.

Joe from Toledo, Ohio. Full of energy and able to amuse himself easily, he said, “I’m gonna kick this thing straaaaaight to the moon!” He wants to be a Radio Personality. He certainly won’t find a career as a singer. He got three no’s.

Emma Henry, age 15, had that white on black skunk hair. Her voice was amazing. Lopez said she had a special quality, but said no so she could work on her voice a bit more. Steven said yes. Randy said he was afraid she’d be swallowed up in the entire process at this young age. “Dawg is gonna turn into a pussycat now,” Steven said, trying to sway Randy. And it worked, Randy said yes.

Naima was very well-liked by JLO as having the whole package. All the judges agreed. She kicked the air when she got her yes’. Adorable.

Bar Mitzvah singer Jerome Bell with cool speakers aka space boots sang some Marvin Gaye. He seemed shaky, but was still voted through.

All the 15-year-olds who auditioned since the age was lowered so that AI can find the next Justin Bieber.

Thia Megia sang “Chasing Pavement” and this girl was amazing.

The Civil War reenactor who sang “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.” Yes, he was fully dressed in his costume.

The Washington intern who loves Obama. Molly sang “(Sittin’ By) The Dock of the Bay” and the judges thought she was “terrific.” JLO said she sounded rich. Randy was puzzled she hasn’t auditioned  before, since she’s such a good singer.

Tiwan may have worn a white linen outfit, but the judges liked his voice and tone. Smart choice. It’d be great to see him in the top ten. Additionally, when he came out to his family someone there had a Charlie Horse and couldn’t stand up straight. Ryan Seacrest tried to help her.

Finally it was time for some back talk! Vernika couldn’t sing well, even after telling the “lady” (JLO) not to look at her. When she couldn’t sing and they didn’t love her, she launched into a diatribe about how she was better than most of the other people auditioning. Then she accused them of not liking her because she wasn’t skinny enough. It was just about talent, Vernika. And your bad attitude? Didn’t help.

Green Bay Packers fan, Megan Frazier, who sang Justin Bieber like it was an opera.

Steven Tyler likes to say “what’s it all about?” instead of any other greeting, and he also likes to tell people that they’re good, but not right for the show.

Jennifer Lopez wore a white shirt with a silver sequined collar, and a music note. It looked like an outfit they had extras wear in High School Musical. And she’s a style icon.

Finally, Chris Medina had a truly great audition. His fiancee was in an accident, and they brought her back to meet everyone. Now only does he have a heartwarming story, but he’s got a fantastic voice.

Next time, Idol is coming to us from Nashville. There will be plenty of crazies, and hopefully plenty of decent talent!

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