Last night on American Idol we didn’t have as many hilarious quotes as we’d like. Still, there were a few tidbits we an be happy about. Half of them came from the judges, especially when Jennifer Lopez decided to compliment someone’s shoes, and then Steven Tyler got in a bad mood and got a tiny bit quoteable. (Nothing as good as when he told someone to f*&k a duck, though.)

american idol logo

“If someone farts, let them finish the song.” (paraphrased, name not given)

“Nice shoes. I rarely say that.” – JLO

“Real men have long hair.” – Dave Combs (Not going to Hollywood.)

“Dude, did you hit your head on the way in here?” – Steven Tyler

“You know what, you oughta be arrested for that voice.” – Steven Tyler
“Thank You.” – (Some girl who did not make it to Hollywood)

“You sing from the place to feel and to make others feel.” – Jennifer Lopez

“He’s pure, out there.” – Randy Jackson about James Durbin (Who is going to Hollywood)