American Idol 2011 gave us solo performances last night in the fourth night of of Hollywood Week. Out of the 100 contestants that were saved, there were plenty of voices that stood out with a certain “yowza” factor.

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At the end of the episode we saw everyone sitting in four different rooms, and given the mass “yes!” or “no.” Yea, that’s always stressful. But cheer up, next week is THE BEATLES challenge and AI will widdle down to the top 24 voices.

This is an American Idol recap of Hollywood week 4. If you are looking for something else, please visit this link for more of our recent American Idol posts. Thanks!

Here are some names to remember for American Idol season 10:

• Jacob Lusk: We didn’t see much of him earlier on, but now it seems like the camera loves him. He performed “God Bless the Child.” Afterwards, he cried ferociously hard – and not because it was a bad performance.

• Clint Jun Gambao: Oh, the Junebug. But now that we’ve seen some of his personality I have a very hard time liking him. He was the one who kicked young Jacee Badeaux out of his group. With his giant bug glasses, I just want to put him on mute.

• Jacee Badeaux: This young kid doesn’t seem to have the best voice of the people left, so keeping him around seems like a cruel joke. He won’t make the top 24 unless it’s for a Bieber effect.

• Ashley Sullivan: So confident in her ability to sing “Everything” by Michael Buble, she messed up the lyrics and started crying on stage. I hoped the judges would sense her instability (and her cheap “I sang this for my boyfriend who was in Iraq” ploy) but her voice overcame their doubts.

• Brett Loewenstern: FAME.  Does he remind no one else of the character Montgomery MacNeil (Paul McCrane) from the 80’s movie Fame?There are glasses perpetually pushed up onto his head onto a mass of red hair. We’ll need to fix this because no one likes associations to Carrot Top.

• Casey Abrams: Playing the standup bass gave him an upper hand he didn’t even need with his amazing, jazzy voice. His performances thus far have always been loose, giving the impression that he has only some solidly real talent to fall back on plus an “IT” quality.

• Carson Higgins: He also gave a performance of “My Prerogative” but it was buoyant and downright jolly.

• Chris Medina: He performed a soulful acoustic rendition of “My Prerogative.” He’s got a John Mayer thing going on.

• Thia Megia: Though she’s young and therefore I’m pre-disposed to dislike her (she’ll be eaten alive) her performance of “What a Wonderful World” was so great I could even forgive her hideous Crayola “Box of 24” Crayon-inspired cardigan.

KICKED OFF AMERICAN IDOL: Jacqueline Dunford (bye bye to the other part of the AI power couple – sickness overtook her) Chelsee Oaks (I really wanted her to stay) Mark Gutierrez (I also really wanted him to stay.)

Stay tuned to Small Screen Scoop or American Idol season 11 might start only letting 14-year-olds audition.