Do you tune into American Idol to sleep? I know, me either.

Karen, Ashton and Hayley were your bottom three on American Idol tonight. What did they have in common? Three boring performances.

The one who I would save first would have been Hayley because she really knew how to yodel in that Lee Ann Rimes song. She just needs to find her musical niche. Making decisions is hard, but you have to do music for yourself – don’t try to please the masses. Well, unless you’re on a show meant to see who pleases fans the most… I can see her dilemma.

Over 30 million votes, and it was Karen who was saved first! She’s mini JLO. Hayley couldn’t start moving her arms around, but she was able stop fidgeting since it was Ashton who got the boot. And Ashton made a silly decision to sing Diana Ross once more to try and redeem herself. But the judges did not decide to save her. And they had Jennifer Lopez deliver the news while she called Ashton “baby” about five times. One can only imagine how JLO talks to her kid.

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