On a pleasant Wednesday evening, viewers sat down to American Idol as the ground round part deux (or 2, for those who failed all French classes) began. This, my fair folk of American and beyond, brought us the group round. Ever since preschool, many of us have learned to fear groups. There’s betrayal, mistrust, secrets and passive aggression. And that’s just the basics.

american idol 2011While there were plenty of good singers and entire groups who made it through to the next round, it was a sad time for many others who had formerly wowed us. People who were booted included Emily Anne Reed, Tiffany Rios (with good reason, this isn’t the Jersey Shore), Jessica Yantz (of the blonde Snooki poof), and Rob Brolin.

Who do you wish had been booted? Perhaps Ashley Sullivan who quit for half the night, cries at the drop of a JLO eyelash and is super dramatic?

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