Last night on American Idol the final four had to pick inspirational songs written by Leiber and Stoller.  While many fans believe Haley Reinhart has the best voice, the judges hate on her like this is a fixed race and she’s unworthy to compete. Even the recaps of songs at the end of episodes seem to favor the other competitors.  Well, here’s what they sang and how it played out.

James Durbin – Don’t Stop Believin’
In this world of Glee, this is a truly overdone song. James didn’t mention Glee once, though. Though the Durb has plenty of fans, I am not one of them.

Haley Reinhart – Earth Song
For me, Haley has the best voice, and the judges seem to hate her anyway. They criticized her very harshly. Admittedly, I didn’t like the song choice, but she still sang well. Randy accused her of sounding like she was yelling, which is what I think they should tell Durbin half of the time. Instead of saying she was smart to take a risk, they said it was a bad move and that no one knows the song or could do better than Michael Jackson.

Scotty McCreery – Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning
If you caught the recap, voters might be swayed that the selection was of Scotty singing “Cause I know Jesus and I talk to God.” (And the recap selected one of Haley’s bad notes to play, which seems awfully manipulative.) One of the judges (I forget which) tried to wiggle in how it was relevant because of Osama Bin Laden being killed.

Lauren Alaina – Anyway
Sure, it was cheesy, and yes, her dress made her look like a futuristic saloon girl. But I liked it anyway.

Haley Reinhart – I Who Have Nothing
Despite her matching 80’s hair and outfit, Haley let her voice do all the talking. Luckily, the judges realized they couldn’t criticize this performance and gave her a standing ovation. Jennifer Lopez admitted that it was, “One of the best performances of the year.”

Scotty McCreery – Young Blood
I have nothing good to say here. Or bad. I just don’t care very much about Scotty’s voice.

Lauren Alaina – Trouble
The performance was great for the first minute, but then the energy dropped down. I love that she thanks her audience after a song, but sometimes I wonder how sincere she’s being the way she smiles so much it looks like she’s going to have her eyeballs pop out of her head.

James Durbin – Love Potion #9
James yelled and ran around stage, and the judges crowned him king. That’s how it usually goes.