Here’s your recap of what happened on ‘American Horror Story: Coven’ last night.

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Madison’s most annoying outfit is on display. Photo Credit: FX

‘American Horror Story: Coven’ Season 3, Episode 12 “Go to Hell TV Recap”

1. We learned what the Seven Wonders are! Now, this oddly filmed video gave me a lot of questions. Such as, who filmed this? And how did they get those “effects” (like the soul floating out of a body) if it was real. In which case, did a witch from the 90’s make the video, meant to show the past? Very confusing stuff.

2. Queenie, Marie, LaLaurie and Legba filled us in on the finer points of hell. You basically relive your worst moments on life on an infinite loop. For Queenie, that meant fried chicken. For Marie and LaLaurie, it meant the torture attic. (LaLaurie apparently didn’t love doing all the torture.)

3. Misty Day can take care of herself. After she was found in the coffin and revived (everyone’s got that power now, huh? Queenie didn’t even brag about it) she went after Madison. It wasn’t a fight to the death, but let’s give it time.

4. Cordelia’s eyes are damaged in a NEW and terrifying way. Instead of being closed when she had them harmed, they were open, I guess. (Although… how do you not blink when you’re stabbing something towards yourself.) So, her eyes are all…well, you saw what they’re like. It was one of the ugliest things we’ve seen on ‘Coven.’

5. Fiona ends up dead. She’s been eaten by a gator. And the Axe Man is dead, too. But before all of this dead-ness, other things happened. Fiona pretended she was going to let herself die, and gave a fond farewell to Cordelia. When the gift of a necklace was given, Cordelia got her second sight back. Through this, she had a vision. And this vision was so terrifying and (weirdly) gorgeous (as in, the style of film) that I wish we’d had more of this during the show. It wasn’t the dead bodies that made it so terrifying…we’ve seen plenty of those on ‘Coven,’ instead…it was how we discovered the bodies with the weird camera angles shifting around and traveling through the house.

6. The Axe Man realized that Fiona was going to leave him high and dry. So he’s the one who murdered her. Apparently. Part of me thought that they were both playing Cordelia, but that part of me hushed up once the Axe Man bit it. (Man, those witches are angry.)

7. Zoe and Kyle are back, because Zoe thinks she’s The Supreme. That means all of them think this. But are they all willing to die in order to prove it?

Best Quote of the Episode: “You’re like Halston selling his brand to JC Penney!”

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REACT: Is Fiona dead for real? Will they bring Nan back to life? What will happen with that little baby girl that was Marie’s and now Splading’s?