For those wondering, Luke got an Ajax enema. That’s what was going on in that bathroom with those weirdos. (Yes, I’m going to be judgmental about that.)

the sacred taking

“The Sacred Taking” from American Horror Story: Coven, episode 8. Credit: FX

American Horror Story: Coven Episode 8 Review – “The Sacred Taking”

Among a cool A-Team plan, intriguing ritual (with capes!) and creepy flashbacks…this episode seemed to miss the mark as it aimed for shock value.

The shock that sucked

LaLaurie’s head in a box (still able to talk and blink and whatever) didn’t startle me. After seeing the hand being mercilessly chopped off by Laveau, that seemed to be coming. All the murderousy vodoo priests I know like to chop off people’s heads. It’s just how it goes. Shrug.

Dark Beauty

There’s so much that’s beautiful about the direction and style of American Horror Story: Coven, but I’d love to share the specific things from “The Sacred Taking” that really stood out. The first thing was our coven in those brick red and red lace robes. They were slightly disturbing, but the imagery of them coming together was darkly beautiful. The second thing that really stayed with me was the imagery of Madison in her red dress, floating around Fiona’s sickly room like an ethereal, lackadaisical ghost child that’s been unleashed. (That’s kinda what she is, although she’s just as devious as ever…she seems pretty jealous about Zoe’s love life.)

GASP, who is the mysterious sniper? (Dur)

A doi, it’s Hank. You know, Hank! No name recognition? It’s the witch hunter guy who is married to Cordelia, and we thought was cheating on her but was really secretly murdering other witches. Kind of a weak point. Although, I liked how this idea was introduced, I now find it a bit predictable. Hank also doesn’t seem very powerful or efficient. There’s nothing very intimidating about his aura anymore.

Dearest Myrtle

You’d think death would put her priorities in order, but she’s still got empathy for those “poor Salem witches, traveling by covered wagon down to New Orleans without the luxury of charcuterie platters and bidets.”

Miss Myrtle seems to lack any avenging angle, even as she aided in luring Fiona to her potential suicide. I guess Myrtle is just very mellow and self-assured. She has clarity and peace. Really, we can only envy her and her “bulk” hair supply.

Misty Day as the Supreme?

I’d like to say I saw this coming, but I’m still unsure as to whether she really is the supreme. The fact that the writers presented it to us makes me doubt it, because they don’t like to keep us on stable footing. Still, I’m more than happy to have more of Misty around…even if it means that she’s more likely to die. Already she’s trusting (intimidated by?) Fiona, and making unwise decisions without being guarded enough. I wish she could return to her Stevie Nicks Swamp Hotel Suite. In the images of her sleeping in that little shack, it looked really peaceful, and I started thinking about how I’d love to sleep out in nature with the moon and the cicada’s and all that. But then I remembered that actual swamps have actual smells…. so I might be better off with my Spotify playlists of nature sounds. (I can hear Ron Swanson judging me.)

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REACT: Seriously now, who do you think is the Supreme? Is Misty still the obvious choice, or are you leaning towards the underdog, Nan? And my most important question is whether you think this was one of the lesser episodes of ‘Coven,’ as I do? Did you also think it was weak, or do you think my radar is off on that?