For Halloween, this is the only DVD box set you need.


American Horror Story: Asylum (Season 2) is NOW available on both Blu-ray and DVD.

Plus, look at these shareables… I’m not sure I can figure them out…. what do you think?

Reasons why American Horror Story Asylum is what to watch for Halloween 2013:

Too Scary for Me

I managed to watch all of the first season of AHS, sometimes alone, sometimes even at night. I can’t do that with American Horror Story: Asylum. It’s THAT much scarier. (And people like to be scared, because it makes us feel alive…it’s a whole psychology thing that Stephen King once wrote about in a pretty eloquent way.)

So Done with the Classics

You’ve already seen all of the old classics a million times – Halloween 1-one million, ditto Friday the Thirteenth, SAW, Leprechaun’s with Jennifer Aniston, etc!

Gotta Catch Up!

If you don’t watch it now, how will you ever catch up once American Horror Story: Coven (Season 3) begins on FX this fall?

Death Wish (Thanks, Freud)

We all secretly want to sit in the dark and feel scared so badly we’re afraid to ever go to bed until the sun comes up… and even then, we’re suspicious of the shadows from our cats’ chaise lounge. (What, doesn’t EVERYONE buy one of those?)


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