America’s Got Talent season 6 took to Seattle to score some caffeinated talent.

America’s Got Talent 2011 Audition Highlights:

Not Talented Enough was

Brian Jackson – He fills hot water bottles up until they explode (with his breath.) Not just any hot water bottles, they’re British standard! He took it very seriously. But in 90 seconds he couldn’t even get one to burst. He blamed it on it being the wrong brand. Piers pointed out how pointless this talent was, luckily. However, once Brian got backstage he refused to give up until he made one burst.

Kimo– He presented Madonna: 20 years in 20 minutes. We didn’t get to see a lot of this, but it seemed like it’d be a little fun to watch.

Alaska – Guess what, this unemployed freestyle dancer is also from Alaska. There’s not much more to say about Alaska other than he was cocky and dressed like a woman (was he a transvestite? I don’t know. It wasn’t drag.) He danced to the “What a Feeling” song from Fame. Ironically, a promotion for Dailies contacts followed after his performance, utilizing the same song. I doubt they’d want to be associated with this particular Alaska.

Off to Vegas is…

Geechy Guy – A comedian who couldn’t stop twitching and was better than you’d think, but not by much.Also notable: he sweat through his mock turtleneck and suit jacket.Piers noted that he didn’t think the one liners were funny, but saw that the audience loved it. Howie and Sharon liked it enough to put him though.

Soleil Rousseau – She works at a fire station and learned to work a pole from the fire station pole. Sharon called her “charming.”

The BGP – This trio of boys was a band whose singer looked like a mix of John Mayer, Freddie Prinze Jr and Toby Maguire. They performed a cover of “Benny and the Jets” but it would have been nice to hear some original music.