Amelia Lowe and Will Thomas danced Hip Hop on So You Think You Can Dance Season 9 for the Top 20. We have the youtube video for you to watch!

Choreographer: Nappy Tabs

Music: “The Lovecats” by The Cure

This was a smart way to show that you can do hip hop without losing the spirit that Amelia Lowe has branded herself with. It was a funky cat dance. Lowe’s spirit animal mus be a cat because she was great at this. And it’s really funny if you think how they danced hip hop to a song by The Cure! That’s crazy.

  • Nigel said: This was a great partnership.
  • Mary Murphy said: I loved it!
  • Kenny Ortega said: Amelia if we had a kitty like you we would play with you all day long. Will you did a great job playing with her.

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