Before Amber Tamblyn found a magical pair of jeans, she was a TV darling in Joan of Arcadia. Now she’s found a new series and is as darling as ever, even for a liar.

Amber Tamblyn in an episode still for Joan of Arcadia. She had the BEST clothes! broke the news that Amber Tamblyn (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Joan of Arcadia) will be guest-starring on the new season of House. It would be great to see how Tamblyn’s character interacted with Thirteen, but Olivia Wilde will be gone filming for the movie Cowboys & Aliens, which is why bringing in a guest star was the thing to do.

What we know about the character Tamblyn will portray is that she’s a smarty Mcsmartyson who House recruits for his team, despite not being qualified to treat patients yet.

As we learned from Gregory House, EVERYBODY LIES – so we should expect to see some lying from Tamblyn’s gal. And the more innocent someone seems, the more secrets they have. (This is the same motto we have when we’re given jury duty.)

We’d love to see a montage on House M.D., from House’s POV, where the entire team is going on slow mo, and the screen freezes as a caption underneath gets typed out to say every little secret they have in the course of a day. Try this out in your life – it’s guaranteed to make you paranoid!

Doesn’t Tamblyn look a lot like early seasons of Cameron (Jennifer Morrison, pre-blonde)? Here are some pictures of Cameron for an in-depth comparison. (Yes, this means we all have a total excuse to spend several weeks re-watching season one of House. Thank us later.)