She wants to be a country artist that can cross over into pop, and that’s why she’s glad Adam is her coach.


She dedicated this song to her Mother. Considering the story behind this song for Amber, …yes, I had goose bumps and I also had tears in my eyes. (Which does not happen easily for me!)

Performance Remarks

I loved her hair! It was put up very cool with some little braids. (Btw, I just got these Goody Spin Pins at Walgreens and they are amazing. They are hanging my life, I’m telling you!)

“You did Martina proud. You did country music proud. You did Nashville proud.” – Blake

“Adam’s got a star on his hands with you.” – Blake

“You kind of defy the laws of gravity. You’re really an incredible vocalist. I see you having an incredible career.” – Usher

I think Adam Levine was a little teary, almost.

“You just keep surpassing my expectations every single week.” – Adam

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