new dvds

TV fans can rejoice in knowing that Amazon is having a sale on newly releasead TV shows on DVD.

TV Titles include: Weeds season five, Lost season five, Bones season four, The Tudors season three, Glee Volume one, Chuck season two, How I Met Your Mother season four, Legend of the Seeker season one, Farscape the complete series, Big Love seasons three, Dr. Quinn Medicine Women the complete series, Dancing with the Stars: Dance off the Pounds, Kyle XY the third season, Robot Chicken season four,United States of Tara season one, Life on Mars, Rescue Me season five, Damages season two, Doctor Who (the complete specials) and Ally McBeal the complete series.

With all of this ‘buy, buy, buy!’ in your face, make sure you take a moment to assess your purchases. What are the DVDs that you already have that you watch most often? For me, I know that I’ve gotten the most cherished love out of DVD series like Gilmore Girls, and comedies like How I Met Your Mother and The Office (easy to rewatch and put on at any time!).