As bride Missy O’Connor in The Big Wedding, Amanda Seyfried’s hair is center stage once again.


Amanda Seyfried’s hair is famous for how long and beautiful it looks all the time. For The Big Wedding, her wedding hair is enviable and is sure to be copied by future brides. Especially if those brides are having an outdoor wedding in the Spring or Summer.

The idea is simple, and it’s all about not being too perfect. There’s a center part, then two small sections are twisted up with two floral combs to each side.

Amanda Seyfried Hair in The Big Wedding.

Amanda Seyfried Hair in The Big Wedding.

Amanda Seyfried Hair Tutorial

  1. Part hair down the center.
  2. The hair itself is wavy and looks very natural. You can achieve a similar effect by first applying a texturizing agent for beachy hair like Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray. If you have naturally wavy hair, you can skip this step.
  3. After that, you’ll want to use a large barred curling iron to create big, fluffy waves throughout the hair, especially at the ends. You’ll want to make sure the pieces near the front are turned under, towards the face.
  4. Twist up two sections of the hair on either side of the part, and pin it up. Don’t be afraid to pin these sections out a bit, to the side of the face rather than completely behind the head. They should be loose, not tight. Secure with your choice of accessory, such as floral pins.
  5. Pull out some face-framing layers.
  6. Apply more of your chosen texturizing product to make sure the hair has an easy-breezy look to it.

The Big Wedding is in theaters tonight, don’t miss it!

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