Aly Michalka plays the jaded, edgy Marti Perkins on the new show Hellcats. Here’s why I like her:

  • She sticks up for herself. She’s not a wallflower.
  • She cares about her mother deeply.
  • She’s a responsible person. Doesn’t ask for charity or want something for nothing.
  • She’s witty, fun, and confident.
  • She has a decent backstory.
  • She wears crop tops, which enables me to create a mocktail drinking game.
  • She’ll go toe to toe with anyone – no matter how bitchy they seem. She won’t let anyone else make her feel bad about how she feels.
  • She has a really good male friend, who she doesn’t realize is in love with her. This means fun drama down the road!
  • She bikes, which is eco-friendly. (Even though she bike really angrily.)
  • She clearly loves her Mom so much, but she’s also willing to talk about her feelings towards her Mom. I like that she opened up to Savannah. Savannah is like a sweet kitten, you know? But that’s another post!

Why do you like Marti? Is she your favorite Hellcats character?