I got to watch this Sunday’s episode of Leverage in advance, so I’m going to share some notes – and maybe even a spoiler or two.

A recent picture of Alona Tal at “Salute to Supernatural” in New Jersey /Ph: alona-tal.org

Alona Tal guest-stars in the latest episode of Leverage, which also heavily features Christian Kane‘s character of Eliot Spencer. And do things heat up between Tal and Kane’s character’s? Oh, you better believe it.

In “The Studio Job” the team is working to help steal back someone’s music, and in the process…

  • It’s time to get your love on for Country Western music. Which would normally be a problem for me, but Christian Kane (who sings) actually makes it appealing. I’ve got to do a conference call with Kane, before, and he’s a very, very passionate man. That passion works comes out  when it comes to his music.
  • John Schneider guest stars. Can’t place the name? He was the Dad on Smallville!
  • Christian Kane performs his own original song “Thinking of You.”
  • Alona Tal is no longer such a blonde, there are honey tones to her hair and hey, I just want to mention that it’s very pretty on her.

Make sure to watch out for:

  • Broken bones!
  • A hilarious music video that prompts Sophie (Gina Bellman) to say, “I say we take him down for that, alone.” Totally. And if you haven’t watched Bellman’s series Coupling – it’s on Netflix Instant Watch, so go!
  • The fiddle game. THE.FIDDLE.GAME.
  • An epic scene where Parker choreographs herself to music as she steals wallets.
  • Hear Christian Kane as a smurf. It’s hard to resist a smurf!
  • Nate (Timothy Hutton) goes country. I suspect Hutton stole his cowboy hat to take home and wear around his house. Or okay, I WISH that was true, becuase it’s funny to picture.
  • “Kenneth Crane” performs. Love that shout-out/reference/wink to the audience.
  • Hardison (Aldis Hodge) hears a great white faux fur coat, but he has nothing – NOTHING – on the get-up that Parker (Beth Riesgraf) wears. Um. It involves a duck. Think of famous bird dresses. Think about musical types. Who do you think she’s impersonating? (Bjork!) And this outfit comes equipped with a special high-pitched nymph voice.

Leverage THE STUDIO JOB promo:

The Studio Job airs July 18 on TNT.