Who is the ANTM 17 winner? Allison Harvard has been my favorite for the All-Stars cycle but after the most recent episode set in Greece with Tyson Beckford, I have several doubts that our girl will get the prize.

allison harvard

To clarify, I still want Harvard to win, and she’s my choice for ANTM All-Star. But in interpreting the words and actions of the most recent America’s Next Top Model episode I feel worried that things won’t swing favorably in her direction.

The Tyson Beckford episode included the longest ANTM judging panel that was ever held. Between the four judges, the vote seemed to be locked about whether to boot Allison Harvard or Laura Kirkpatrick. Beckford was openly not a fan of the shy Harvard, but Nigel seemed to be firmly on Team Allison. Andre Leon Talley should be voting for Harvard as she’s the most high fashion of all girls – but who really knows what his mind is thinking. And Tyra Banks is really not of sound mind (her high fashion, creepy motion pictorial for her campy book Modelland proved that), plus she seems to be holding Allison’s watering eyes against her.

In the end, Kirkpatrick was sent home (of which I was glad.) But there’s still Angelea Preston and Lisa D’Amato. Both of these more outspoken girls have “brands” that might lend themselves to having more fans than Harvard and her artsy angle have acquired.

Preston seems to have far too volatile of a personality and be very insecure (while covering this insecurity up with loud defiance and plenty of rude attitude) and D’Amato seems too old, too “party girl” generic and too wild.

We’ll find out the ANTM 17 winner next week on The CW, so don’t miss it. And feel free to come here and complain if Harvard loses.