Allan Hyde played the eerie, elder vampire Godric on HBO’s True Blood. With such a baby face, it was hard to imagine that he was older than (probably) any other vampire we’d seen on the show. In the end, Godric decided to end his own life in a very emotional scene that called for vast amounts of tissues. Hyde has now given an interview to and includes his well-spoken thoughts on Godric’s suicide.

“He has lived his share of life and a second life. He is over it. He wants to set an example and does everything for a good reason I feel. It is hard to validate suicide though because of other people involved. It’s a selfish thing to do and Godric hurts people and who knows what’s to be of Eric now without an ideal?” (Editor’s Note: Perhaps they meant to type “Idol.”)

In the interview Hyde said that he doesn’t Google himself, but his Mom very possibly has a Google alert on his name. How sweet is that? We have a very important Google alert set for “Sookie and Eric fanfic,” shhh.

Godric may be dead, but as you’ve seen already, True Blood season 3 has already given us one flashback with him. And there is always the possibility for more.