Tonight I got to talk to two of my favorite entertainment people: Alison Brie and Danny Pudi of the NBC hit Thursday night show Community.

alison brie danny pudi

Small Screen Scoop: “I actually have a challenge that a lot of fans are eager to see happen. So, I love how you two interact and sing at each other. Do you guys think you could take ten minutes on Twitter and tweet at each other only using song lyrics, trying to have it be a conversation with the lyrics? Whoever Small Screen Scoop fans dubs the winner would be the champion and win a prize.”

For their answer, look under the jump.

Danny Pudi and Alison Brie Interview: Their COMMUNITY Playground

Alison Brie: …if we – we’ll try to do this later.

Jessica Rae: Okay.

Danny Pudi: We will try to do the song lyric battle though on Twitter.

Jessica Rae: Okay good.

Danny Pudi: It’ll be just an engaging conversation.

Alison Brie: Yes it will.

Guess what? Although they might have been confused, they agreed! Now, if for some reason they are unable to fulfill this request (ever, or for a while) we all understands because they are very busy filming the rest of Community season 2.

I said we’d judge them fore creative content and on how good their musical tastes are. Please only vote after they’ve done their tweeting!

People are already voting, so this is just here as a placeholder. If they do end up tweeting for this project then I will make a new poll.

What is their prize? The winner will (if they want) get an elaborate romantic-themed photoshop image of them with the another NBC TV Character of their choice. Mindy Kaling and Danny Pudi? Alison Brie and Tina Fey? Anything is possible. Knowing them, they’d want it to be Pudi and Brie (cue the: awwww!)

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