For Community season 2, the finale comes to us in two parts. I had the chance to talk to Alison Brie (Annie) about this two-parter, of which she plays a substantial part. This finale brings back paintball (an epic move), and introduces us to a new guest star in the form of Josh Holloway (Lost.) There will be costumes and stunts, movie spoofs, and plenty of paint.  Alison admitted that Joel is probably the best paintball player, but people underestimate Danny Pudi and his high level of skills.

Another fun fact? No matter how many times she’d shower, she was still finding paint in her ears. (And she made a point to say she always cleans her ears in the shower!) It may not be a winning argument for playing paintball (especially when you hear her talk about the welt she got on her boob last year) but it’s certainly a winning argument for watching Community this Thursday.

Alison Brie COMMUNITY Interview

Small Screen Scoop: What do you think Annie’s greatest strength is when it comes to playing paintball?

Alison Brie: Wow. You know, determination. I think Annie has always been a very ambitious character and she just throws herself into whatever she’s doing. So, I think this year she may be, you know, a little – it’s like she’s practiced since she got taken out so early last year. She doesn’t like to lose, you know? She likes to be the best at whatever she does.

So, this year she’s really determined to stick it out to the end and, you know, she doesn’t – you know, her downfall, I guess, is that she is sort of easily distracted by boys. But, she stay’s pretty on point most of the time and, yeah, just her determination, I think.

Small Screen Scoop: You mentioned earlier that interesting romances will be going on, is that something Annie will encounter?

Alison Brie: Yeah. Yeah, I think there are some interesting romantic twists and turns in the paintball episodes. …which I’m not going to reveal, but that’s tease I will give you… and they do involve Annie. And I – when we read the script I was quite shocked at the direction that it went, but I think it turned out really good, so we’ll see. I have (my)  fingers crossed.

On the best paintball player in the COMMUNITY cast…

Alison Brie: Oh, I mean, I feel like I have to say Joel, so I don’t get in trouble. Although, I have to say that Danny Pudi is very agile, so he – it’s like he can kind of just spring off of things. Like even last in the original paintball episode, I think everybody thought that he had had a stunt double or he had liked jumped off of something when he did that – he kind of did a jump and jumped off of the wall and kicked off the wall. It’s all Danny. Danny’s a runner and a jumper. He’s like a jungle cat, so he’s a good stealth man, but Joel is, you know, he’s all muscle.

On guest star Josh Holloway of LOST…

Alison Brie: First of all, Josh Holloway is incredible to work with. He’s very easy on the eyes, he’s very nice, he’s such a – he’s just such a positive guy. And, you know, we always have such fun on set, but when you’re working these really long hours, it was even great to have this breath of fresh air kind of come into the cast and just be so excited about every scene that we were doing.

And also, he was a really good sport about talking about Lost with all of us because we’re all big Lost fans, and it only took us about 20 minutes before we just jumped right into like, “So, what were you drinking when you were drinking those Dharma beer cans?” And – that was a Danny Pudi question, and you know, “What was it like being in the forest with,” you know, I don’t know. We just had to – we just were Lost nerds, so that was really fun.

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GREENDALE CELEBRATES THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL WITH A FESTIVE BBQ AND A NICE GAME OF PAINTBALL – JOSH HOLLOWAY AND ANTHONY MICHAEL HALL GUEST STAR (Part 1 of 2) – As the Greendale student body enjoys their year-end picnic, Dean Pelton (Jim Rash) announces plans for a small, quick, safe game of paintball.  As the game heats up, alliances are formed – and broken – and friendships are put to the test.  When a mysterious and threatening figure emerges on the Greendale campus (Josh Holloway, “Lost”), it becomes apparent that this is no ordinary game of paintball. Joel Mchale, Chevy Chase, Gillian Jacobs, Alison Brie, Yvette Nicole Brown, Danny Pudi, Donald Glover and Ken Jeong star.

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