The NBC store on twitter recently said: “Brainstorming for product ideas for @nbccommunity. What do the fans want?!” And of course people suggest bobble heads. Well, I’m sick of bobble heads! They’re predictable. So, I will suggest one truly great item that COMMUNITY fans would love for its er…novelty, and women who aren’t even fans of the show would buy, too.

See, women LOVE transformative things. In this way, females actually love Transformers. Only who wants a stupid car that becomes some sort of alien robot thing? (I didn’t really pay attention to the movie…). I mean, you could have a Bump-It! Or a pair of shoes where the heel converts into a lower heel! Or one of those dresses that, in theory, you can wear in seven different ways! And now you can have THE CONVERTIBLE ANNIE WIG.

THE CONVERTIBLE ANNIE WIG: Go from an asexual, motivated busy-body to a hottie next door with this wig. Comes in brunette “Annie Natural”, black “Shirley, You Do”,  and blonde “Britta Wannabe”. With one artful unclipping and shake of your head, you’ll become a sexual amazon. And after you’ve had your fun, get back to work and put the clip back on up, lady.

community annie's hair

Why yes, I did misspell “professional”. And no, I don’t feel like trying to fix the graphic.

Even men might enjoy this wig:

community ken

Ken Jeong does not endorse this image.

(And yet he might learn to endorse this wig. For $$$$! Untapped market!)

UPDATE: Ken’s Jeong HAS endorsed this wig!

ken jeong twitter

We also got the attention of Alison Brie who plays Annie on COMMUNITY.

alison brie twitter

I’d like to thank them both for the RT’s (it’s super cool, I’m totally geeked about it), as well as the @nbcstore for their shout-out. There will probably never be a Convertible Annie Wig, but sometimes all you need is the promise of hope. *Wistful fist pump*