alicia silverstone

Alicia Silverstone was on the Oprah show today. Silverstone is the author of The Kind Diet, and is a vegan. Looking at the recipes you can make, I actually do want to check out this book. Oprah especially loved the “Cheesy, oozy guacamole guacamole dip.”

She spoke of the cost and benefits of eating something like cheese vs. whole grains and greens. What does she put in her shopping cart at the grocery store? She said grocery shopping was her most favorite thing to do. In Silverstone’s cart: Garden Chick’n Scallipini, organic soups, whole grain rice, rice milk, hemp milk, leafy greens, leeks, kale, sugar alternatives like maple syrup, and alternatives to ice cream like Rice Dream mud pie.

“My skin changed drastically…my eyes got really white, I feel like I look less puffy…and it feels amazing.” – Alicia.

“If I’m not willing to eat (my dog) then how can I be willing to eat other creatures with the same will to live?” – Alicia