Alias was a great series for ABC, starring Jennifer Garner and Michael Vartan, Victor Garber and Bradly Cooper. Now that a reboot is possibly in the works, we wonder if this is the right time. Even if the timing is bad, there’s always room for Alias – just like JELL-O!

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Alias / Photo Credit: ABC

Alias has only been off of our TV screens for a few years. Reboots seem most popular when more years are between the shows. Alias lost steam in its last couple of seasons, which could have been part of the reason it left our screens. At the time, there seemed to be a perfectly good way to make an Alias spin-off with the two, young new cast members if Garner and Vartan wanted to leave.

‘White Collar’, ‘Psych’, ‘Royal Pains’, ‘Covert Affairs’ and ‘Burn Notice’ Premiere Dates

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Covert Affairs / Photo Credit: USA

ABC has just lost Lost and Flashforward was just canceled, so they need a new one-hour power hitter. And even if we take out the fact that Alias hasn’t been gone very long, there are three new spy series coming to our TVs right around now-ish. Those shows are Covert Affairs on USA, Nikita on The CW (another reboot) and Undercovers on NBC.

Obviously, J.J. Abrams has Run Out of TV Ideas

Ironically, Undercovers is a spy show being created by J.J. Abrams, who was the original creator of Alias. Watch with Kristin has reported that ABC is definitely considering rebooting Alias. When I first heard rumors of this reboot, I thought someone was just talking about one of the other two spy shows coming out.

It’s Not Alias, But Nothing Is | Covert Affairs on USA

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Undercovers / Photo Credit: ABC

All of these series seem a tiny bit different. I believe that what people watch will factor down into loyalty to networks and actors, then interest in the specific plotlines that each series can offer. Nikita is going after a younger demographic, but the other shows seem like they’d be targeting the same demographic. Nikita could rise to the top, because of the divided attention elsewhere.

What do you plan to watch?

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