Alexis Castle plays by the rules. But that doesn’t guarantee that you’ll win.

molly quinn

CASTLE - ABC's "Castle" stars Molly Quinn as Alexis Castle. (ABC/BOB D'AMICO)

In the Castle episode “Head Case” we learned that after all of her hard work, Alexis (Molly C. Quinn) would not be joining Ashley at Stanford. She was rejected. Who saw that twist coming? (I didn’t!)

Much as Castle (Nathan Fillion) didn’t want Alexis to leave for college, he felt badly for his daughter, who was taking the blow hard. Alexis got a bit dramatic, because she was devastated that she could work so hard and be certain she had earned her place somewhere only to be denied.

Plotwise, it’s an interesting choice. Whether Alexis was granted admission into Stanford or not, viewers would have likely have seen the same amount of her on the screen (Daddy/Daughter times are few, though beloved.) Rather than simply find an excuse to keep Alexis around (which would have been circumvented by not having her apply to college early at all) the writer’s have pushed the character in a new direction.

Surviving this blow to her ego is going to help define the character of Alexis. But, it’s still sad to see Alexis be so discouraged.  You just wanna reach out and hug her and tell her you’ve been in the same place (because honestly, haven’t you?)

So, what is your verdict? Have I convinced you that it’s good that Alexis didn’t get into Stanford, or are you upset that it didn’t happen for her? And what do you think her next move will be? Leave your thoughts in the comments!