In discussing the Rose Bowl Parade of 2014, Al Roker and Hoda Kotb got together on a phone for a conference call with different media outlets. Rather than ask boring, repetitive questions, we got to the good stuff. Whoopee cushions.

first rose bowl parade

Jan. 1, 1915: An ostrich named Cloudburst pulls Virginia Moon in her L.A. Ostrich Farm entry in the Rose Parade. Before football became the Rose Bowl tradition, ostriches were raced after the parade. This photo was previously posted in From the Archives on July 9, 2010.

Jessica Rae for Small Screen Scoop:
So originally in 1927 the parade only broadcast on the radio. If that were the case for 2014 what kind of sound effects would you guys bring to the table?

Hoda Kotb: Good. That’s good. Sound effects?

Al Roker: Well there is the always the whoopee cushion.

Hoda Kotb: You got to have that.

Al Roker: You know, we would have coconuts so we could make the sound of horses going by. (*demonstrates sound*) And, you know, we have a little wind chime to make the sound of sunshine as the sun was shining on the parade.

Hoda Kotb: What about rain?

Al Roker: And if it was raining, you know, we would be basically pouring wine. If anybody slips we would have slide whistles. (*demonstrates sound*)

REACT: Would YOU have listened to a radio show about a parade, if that was the only option?