Once you get past the mandatory jokes, Al Roker and Hoda Kotb really dug deep and surprised us with some reflective gems about life.

rose parade 2014

Jessica Rae for Small Screen Scoop: The theme for the 2014 floats for this parade is Dreams Come True. And I was curious what kind of dreams do you hope will come true for yourself or your favorite charities or your friends like Matt Lauer and Kathy Lee Gifford for the next year.

Hoda Kotb: Oooh, look at you.

Al Roker: Very nice.

Hoda Kotb: I guess, look. I guess dreams for Kathy Lee – hmmm. Al, let me ponder our rehab problem. (Laughs)

Al Roker: Are you trying to think of something nonalcoholic?

Hoda Kotb: I am trying to think about rehab for both of us but I am going to decline on that. (Laughs)

“You know, we all have the same dreams. We all want the same things.” – Al Roker

Al Roker: A dream come true. I think our dreams are the same that everybody has, that our friends and family are safe and happy and healthy going into this New Year, that our armed forces are as safe as they can be and come home as soon as they can, that the people we care about come home to us each night. You know, everybody out there who, you know, is looking for a job can find one. You know, we all have the same dreams. We all want the same things. We want our kids to do well. You know, that is what really makes this parade happening at the New Year so profound, because it is the start – it is a rebirth of the year. And all these flowers that you see are really a rebirth of the New Year and new life and so I think we all want the same thing.

“Sometime’s you have these big lofty dreams and then a moment happens … and then you kind of reset.” – Hoda Kotb

Hoda Kotb: Yes and I think too. I don’t know if you have had this in your life, but every now and then, it is what happened with Amy Robach. She is a friend of Al’s and mine and suddenly she gets sick and then it becomes one of those things that sometimes you realize what you wish for is the basic things in the world. You just want the people you love and care about to be healthy. Like you want that (Amy’s illness) to go away and you know when you hear about something like that from a young person or anyone really, and someone who is a friend of yours – it is so funny because sometimes you have these big lofty dreams and then a moment happens like that and then you kind of reset. You go wait a second, okay. It is not all about these things that you hope for and wish for. It is about basics. It is about people you love and care about. And I think when that happens, it is a big wake up call for all of us to remember what the important things are.

REACT: Do you feel a little happier now?