men-of-a-certain-ageMen of a Certain Age is a new TNT show with Ray Romano, Scott Bakula and Andre Braugher. This dramatic series premieres Monday December 7th at 10 pm, right after a new episode of The Closer (yay!). It was created by Romano and Mike Royce and it’s a stark departure from Ray Romano’s popular TV series Everybody Loves Raymond. If you’re looking for the same Ray Romano from that show, you won’t find him here.

You see, while Everybody Loves Raymond was bright and full of jokes, this slow-paced show is tinted gray and…honestly, just flat out depressing to me. There are a few sporadic jokes (mostly by Romano’s character) but otherwise you’re dropped right into the miserable lives of three 40-year-old men. And really, I don’t have any incentive to want to watch their lives. I have enough reasons to feel depressed on my own.

Maybe I just don’t like Men of a Certain Age because I’m not the target audience for this – I’m a gal in her mid 20’s. I suspect the people who will appreciate this show are men in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. But of course, it’s no secret that shows like to appeal to a wide range of viewers, not just who a show is about. Sex and the City didn’t want to draw the viewership of ONLY women in their 30 and 40’s (even though that’s who the show was about). Even teenage girls loved that show. I can hardly see guys in their 20’s wanting to watch Men of a Certain Age, unless to use as a scare-tactic.

While I was allowed to preview three episodes, I only watched the pilot (which ended up making me squeamish). It just isn’t for me. I suspect it isn’t for you – but let me know if you watch it.