“The Scheherazade Job” is a new episode of Leverage that airs tomorrow, Sunday June 27. The team has to rob an African Keloptcrat’s Boston vault, so Hardison gets out his violin. If he can’t brush off his rusty skills to play a perfect solo for a sold-out crowd, timed perfectly to the gangs’s heist… they’re all going to be in trouble.

I’ve written this advance review in the form of Q&A, let me know if you like this format!

What fun costumes and accents can we expect to see/hear in this episode of Leverage?

Well, you’ll get to be your own judge for if Christian Kane looks good in Zachary Quinto-style thick, black nerd glasses. And Parker wears a really cool fishtail braid.

Any problems within the group in this episode?

Nate does not seem pleased that Hardison wants to run his own crew. Luckily, he also knows why Hardison could never do it.

What big problems will the team face?

According to Parker, “It’s unhackable, even for Hardison.”

What are some of the small cons within the bigger con?

At one point, Eliot will be going by the name “Guy Hamilton” while he jogs in front of a green screen. Any guesses what he’d be running from?

We want our Nate/Sophie scoop! Got any?

Well, didn’t I already give you tons?! You’ll have some small, subtle moments. But this isn’t an episode for romance. Something I loved was that we got to learn one of Sophie’s literary heroes. (Hint: Check the episode title.) But if you need MORE, okay. Sigh. Sophie knows Nate well enough to ask the very important question of if he has learned any new skills in prison. There’s no fooling Sophie. But there is fooling someone else…

So, can Aldis Hodge actually play violin?

I have no clue. I think the bigger question for this episode is if Hardison can play.  Pretending to play a violin is much harder than lip synching. If he chokes, or sucks, the mark will be tipped off. What happens when you have to play a violin solo, but can’t play a violin?

Favorite quote of the episode?

“I work with a bunch of bad guys who are more honorable than you’ll ever be.” – Nate

Most tragic quote of the episode?

“Alone again. If I didn’t know better, I’d think you like it like that.” – Sophie

Your Small Screen Scoop spoiler hint: Sometime’s all you need is a good story.

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