jeri ryan leverage

There are six new episodes of Leverage coming atcha this January. The episodes are jump-started on Wednesday,  January 13th at 10 p.m. ET/PT on TNT with the The Runway Job. Jeri Ryan (Star Trek: Voyager) returns as a guest star as a temporary team member. I got to preview the episode, and now I’ll share my notes with you guys – the fantabulous Small Screen Scoop TV readers.

In The Runway Job the team has to get stylish as they enter the fashion world to take down  seedy sweatshop owners (is there any other kind?). The sweatshop uses sneaky means to get workers over to the USA and then keep them – even making them take a vitamin supplement instead of having lunch breaks for 15 hour days.

Nate was ruffled by the way Tara (Ryan)  tried to fill in for Sophie. None of them want Sophie to be replaced, least of all Nate. But Sophie trusts Tara, and was happy wearing a beret in Paris. Nate decided what they needed to bring down the Sweatshop owners was a Caprina – the faux hottest designer in the world.

Eliot had to learn about fashion week, and I suspect Christian Kane had a lot of fun wearing the outfit they had him in. And oh yea, he was even wearing eyeliner. Tara pretended to be impressed by “Pilgrim Chic” designs and then the team had to steal a fashion show. No biggie – not for this team, anyway. And Tara fit in nicely.

Parker looked just like Rachel Zoe‘s assistant in her funky blonde hair, and angsty, intense “I’m about to throw a hissy fit” attitude. I mean, I love everything Parker does. When Parker pretended to be a fashion photographer for “Caprina” it might have been my favorite moment of the episode. Beth Riesgraf is genius.

Nate as fashion a sponsor – replete with an extravagant attire and red oriental fan –  was a pleasure to watch.


– Parker really cares about reindeer games and math.
– Hardison loves his scarves.
– Someone thinks someone else is sexy. But I’m telling telling who!
– Men with cleavers! “Cleavers. Haven’t done that in a while.” – Eliot
– Parker’s Heidi braid hairdo was so cute.
– “He’s known for burying his enemies alive. This is a BAD dude.”
– Parker’s runway fall is way worse than Carrie Bradshaw’s on Sex and the City! I think Tyra Banks would appreciate her fierce moves, though. We know Parker would prefer plaid shirts over sparkly dresses.