I’ve gotten to advance review some episodes of Leverage, and now I’ll share my notes because I’m just THAT nice! “The Bottle Job” premieres Wednesday, January 20th at 10 p.m. ET/PT. In this episode of Leverage Nate wanted to run “The Wire” which is a con that usually takes three weeks…and they only had less than two hours. Yipes! They run this classic con on a loan shark (who I always think would be cooler if they were actually animated sharks) to save a bar that Nate grew up in – McRory’s. Of course, we know that bars are a bad place for Nate to be with his drinking issues.

But is one con enough for Nate this time? I dunno… Is one con as good as two? Psh!


– “Why don’t we just send her to the police? I mean, I don’t use them. But this is what they’re for, right?” – Parker
– Hardison goes shirtless!
– Impersonating a weather man – always great! Loooved it.
– I love the way Irish people say “arse”.