DAMAGES: L-R: Campbell Scott and Lily Tomlin in DAMAGES airing Monday, March, 1 on FX. CR: ERic Liebowitz / FX

I wonder if they know how gross hotel bedspreads can be? Campbell Scott and Lily Tomlin in DAMAGES. PH: ERic Liebowitz / FX

I may be in a unique position of being in LOVE with the FX series DAMAGES without having ever seen any of season 1 or 2. I’ve only begun watching season 3, and I can’t seem to pause myself from watching as new episodes come out every week. As a TV purist, normally this is behavior I’d find pretty horrible in myself. But I really like watching in real time with my other friends, and I’m so caught up in this Tobin case! I DO intend to catch up on every episode of DAMAGES season 1 & 2, asap. In the meantime, I’m perfectly happy loving season 3.

I was sent a copy of Damages 3×07 “You Haven’t Replaced Me” to watch in advance. And what can I say? The episodes just keep hitting all the marks that makes this a striking, must-watch series. This is truly a TV series that feels like it could easily be a high-budget movie because the quality of the elements (acting, music, editing) is so distinguished.

If you love dramatic, thriller-y movies like The Usual Suspects, The Pelican Brief, Double Jeopardy, Unbreakable, A Time to Kill (a Sandra Bullock movie from the 90’s!), The Net (Another Sandy movie!), or Se7en I would highly recommend you check out this series. I’m proof that you can start at season 3, or just rent/buy the season 1 DVDs and start on your own – and fall in love with this show.

Rose Byrne as Ellen. CR: Eric Liebowitz / FX.

Rose Byrne as Ellen. CR: Eric Liebowitz / FX.

So, what can I tell you about the episode “You Haven’t Replaced Me”? Well. Under penalty of TV LAW I really can’t tell you TOO much. And I don’t think I’d do well in jail.. (Oh, if you liked the TV series Prison Break, I bet you’d like this, too). In this episode Tom is in a tropical locale (and it made me envious, I should go buy some new flip flops…) trying to follow where the Tobin’s hidden money may be. It’s hard to know who to trust, and every time Tom thinks he’s getting somewhere, he can’t be sure. I kinda feel bad for the poor guy…considering we know what happens in the end. Anytime he gets threatened, or makes someone mad, I wonder if that’s the person who ends up killing Tom. And in this episode you’ll learn that the killer was…pretty cold-hearted.

Because I’ve only seen season 3, I’ve never seen much of Ellen’s personality other than kind of…well, sweet? She’s never seemed overly devious, even if I can tell she’s tough. But this episode opened my eyes to seeing that there is way more to Ellen Parson’s than I’d thought. It had me asking myself, “What’s her angle, here?” And I think you’ll really like the decisions Ellen makes in this episode. It makes her interesting. And it makes me wish I could read minds of fictional characters.

Martin Short continued his magnificent portrayal of Leonard Winstone, and in this episode they actually delve into his mysterious personal life.

Once you watch this episode, come back here and let me know what you thought!