Lana_Ask There’s nothing like reclining in this leather desk chair that I probably paid too much for and watching a new episode of ARCHER. When it comes to fabulous quotes, this is the show you should go to. The writers thrive on the outrageous and the unseemly, making for a heavily quoteable show.

In the ARCHER episode “The Job” that airs on March 11th, Archer decides to work for ODIN because they pay more and have better business cards (never underestimate the element of having a high quality business card). This, as you might suspect, makes his boss/mother VERA VERA angry.

The ARCHER season finale airs on March 18th at 10pm. And THANK GOD, ARCHER has been renewed for a 13 episode second season. We can only hope to get more episodes. This is a hysterical show that powerfully rewatchable.


“Did you wanna finish shutting your big, fat, negative, wordsy mouth?”

“So I crashed a few cop cars, ran over a few mimes. I don’t play by the rules but I get results!”

“Is that like whore island for women?”

“Do you know that you’re a little bitch?”

“Have you lost your mind?”
“Every time I see you.”

“No, baby. I AM putting you in the corner.”