It wasn’t hard for Adriana Louise to take advice from Christina Aguilera despite the fact that this coach had 1/3 of her platinum hair looking as though it was dip-dyed by cherry Kool-Aid. And was some of the advice to walk up on Adam Levine?

She sang “Good Girl” as made popular by Carrie Underwood. And at the end of her song she went up to Adam Levine, serenading him a little. Well, don’t you wish you had the chance to do the same?

Cee Lo was impressed by how Adriana always seems committed to what she’s singing. (Luckily she skipped the straight jacket and wore a sparkly Taylor Swift style dress instead.)

Adam was surprised that Louise came so close to his face, but also called it awesome. He said she is “so good” but a few high spots were tough for her. “Thanks for coming over, that was nice.” He seemed rattled and nervous by it.

Blake Shelton was so thrilled that she did a country song, and thought she made it her own.

Christina said Adam loves when girls get up in his face (his face disagreed), and she said her song was really tough to do. “The best is yet to come from you,” she told Adriana.

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