Masi, Pasdar and Ventimiglia in happier times.

Masi Oka, Adrian Pasdar and Milo Ventimiglia in times made of less suck.

Okay, this is going to have a spoiler about Heroes – you’ve been warned. AVERT YOUR EYES. E! is reporting that the major death in Heroes this season will be Adrian Pasdar aka Nathan Petrelli. AKA WTF, Heroes?

No, no, and no? I’m not having a temper tantrum except, yea I kinda am. I already knew it would be difficult for them to try and show Pasdar and Quinto since they inhabit the same body right now (and it’s been clear they’re favoring Quinto – not that I don’t love me some Zach Quinto) but to fully cut out all of Nathan? Ugh! If they’d wanted to do that they should have just killed him off last season for ultimate dramatic impact.

I don’t think of it so much as Adrian Pasdar being let go from “Heroes” as NBC canceling the show, one actor at a time. – Tim Carvell on Twitter

This is sad for so many reasons – this means no more chances for Claire to connect with (and outdrink) her bio-dad. It means Peter is losing his brother. It means the entire cast is losing one of their favorite cast members. If you look at behind the scenes stuff (which I always do – be it photos or videos) it’s so obvious that Adrian Pasdar is one of the major fixtures of keeping the cast super close. It’s like a family, and now the show is outting the cool uncle! I mean, Pasdar even has a YouTube account where he does videos of the Heroes cast. He really fostered a sensed of family on the set, and he also shared it with the fans. This is a huge loss for us.

As if we needed more sad news – apparently Pasdar had to learn of his character’s fate from his final script. Talk about uber suckage. We feel for ya, man!