You can ask us to tone down our love for Adam Levine, but we won’t do it.


With every new episode of The Voice 2013 comes more of this delicious man. And, he’s not just eye candy! No. He actually says a lot of great things. Below, we’ve documented the five best things he said on the Blind Auditions episode on April 1, 2013. Check them out, and let us know which is your favorite of them all.

Adam Levine Quotes – The Voice 2013

#1. It’s just a shoe
“Those cowboy boots scare me, though. … Means I gotta fight Blake.”

#2. Who doesn’t want to hear him say this?
“I love you. I wanna worship you…really badly.”

#3. Adam Levine: exposing the truth?
“He’s not human.” (About Blake Shelton.)

#4. A serious moment
“My job as a coach is to hear about what you wanna do. …It’s our job to guide you in the direction you want to be guided.”

#5. Aaaand, once again he’s being a trickster
“If you pick Blake, I’ll give you $100.00.” (To squeeze Shakira out of a Latin artist.)

Which of the quotes is your favorite?

Photo Credit: NBC.