Adam Lambert just performed at the AMA’s. He is already the number one trending topic on twitter. This might be because he had a guy giving him a faux head on stage. And that was the TAME part.


Is America ready for Adam Lambert? Well, those American Idol fans voted him in sooo…shouldn’t they be? While not personally disgusted like many tweet’s are, I found the performance lacking in style and musical ability. And the idea of showing softcore porn to push limits was SO out there and random it seemed like a teenager taunting his parents. The issue for some is not that it was a guy showing homosexual tenancies on the screen but how he pushed it – and the reaction you’d have if a guy forced a girl’s dancer down at his croctch and pushed her face in. But for many others, their issue is simply the fact that it was a guy, and that’s sad. I’m disappointed.

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Sherri Shepard tweeted:

And did Adam Lambert slip the tongue to one of his dancers? Celibate woman here—turning off tv now—somebody else recap

Did Adam Lambert just grind some dude’s head in his crotch…. TO MY NIECE… GO TO BED NOW!

@umbeta1455 If Adam grinded some girl’s face into his crotch, I would’ve told my niece to go to bed… for the record… I don’t like faces

@umbeta1455 being ground into people’s crotches, smarty pants…

Lambert performed “For Your Entertainment”. Is it sad the last thing we’re talking about was his actual performing chops/song? And again I’ll say – I thought it was terrible in terms of…everything! Tacky, bad, blah blah blah!