There’s really only five major points you need to know to recap The Bachelor 2012. Lucky for you, we’ve listed them below!

5. The Rogue Player. Shawntel Newton from Brad Womack’s season returned, after meeting Ben and thinking there was a spark. She is memorable for being a funeral director. Although Ben seemed like he would have enjoyed her staying, he had to eliminate her because all of the other women were threatened. The reception Shawntel received from the women was none too pleasant. Nevertheless, in The Bachelor: Women Tell All special, Shawntel said she had no regrets.

4. Gone Grandma, Gone. Brittany Schreiner had arrived to meet Ben with her Grandma in tow. But when it came time for her first one-on-one date, she didn’t feel it and eliminated herself. Herself!

3. The Realist. Emily Mortimer was too smart and sane to be on The Bachelor. She was witty, she rapped, she was smart, quirky, and she hated seeing Ben being played. And in return? He basically told her to shut up, then eventually eliminated her and kept the shady woman. Emily, you can find love without this show!

2. Parents Say the Darnedest Things. Kacie Boguskie seemed a shoo-in as one of the final two women for Ben. But when her parents told Ben a few things that showed him how controlling they were (she couldn’t move away, she could never live with him if not married, etc), he was scared off and eliminated her immediately. Later, he basically confirmed he’d been scared by her parents.

1. The Villainess. The most important thing to know about The Bachelor 2012 is that Courtney Robertson was a model that many commenters don’t find pretty. What she had was a game plan, confident, and Ben’s attention. Ben ended up loving her, while she made all viewers and the other women almost unanimously hate her.

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Image: Ben Flajnik looks like Dax Shepard of NBC’s Parenthood.