ethan embry house md

Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I loved the House episode from last night (“The Down Low”). Right off the bat I’ll mention that it had Ethan Embry, which I reported earlier with pictures for the episode. And when I talked about it, the synopsis confused me. Because it mentioned a drug deal storyline, and I literally could not wrap my head around someone as pure and wonderful as Ethan Embry (despite the fact that he’s an actor) playing a drug dealer! I think I may have side-stepped that entire part. Well, my instincts were right, because if you watched the episode (spoilers are about to happen!) you’ll know that he was only pretending to be in with the bad guys, and was an undercover cop.

Overall, I really enjoyed the episode. One scene in particular I would have to say was my favorite. It happened just a mere six minutes into the eppy.There’s a tiny bit more to this scene and it’s worth a re-watch if you have it. Worth mentioning, I think, is that I thought coo-lots were spelled ‘Kool-ots’ but apparently, no. True facts: I had a pair once when I was very little.

One more quick thing, Nora in the episode was played by Sasha Alexander – whom I love from way back on her days as Gretchen Witter on Dawson’s Creek. Do you think we’ll see more of her? I certainly hope we do. She’s a great actress. With great hair.


House: I need the drugs.

Guy: We’re in textiles.

House: (Pause) I NEED THE DRUGS. …  Hm. Works for Jack Bauer.

Guy: Is this really necessary? The chairs in the hall are way more comfortable.

House: But way less genre appropriate. Okay, here’s the deal. I need information. You have reason not to give me the information. So either I can force it out of you…or I can’t.

Guy: I wish I could tell ya.

House: Okay, well let’s work with that.  Forget the drugs. Let’s talk about textiles. What’s your major product? Is it H? And by H I mean hosiery.

Guy: We do more with…coo-lots.

House: Is that with a C or a K.

Guy: C. Nobody wants K anymore.

House: Does your friend cut the fabric?

Guy: No, he’s a sales guy.

House: But he must cut a coo-lot here and there.

Guy: No.One.Touches.The.Coo-lots.

Wilson enters.

Wilson: I’m sorry. Can I talk to you for a second?

House: I’m interrogating a suspect. Make it quick.

Wilson: Everyone in our building thinks we’re gay.

House: We’re grown men, over the age of 30 who moved in together. We’re two tigers away from an act in Vegas. They’ll figure out we’re straight eventually.