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I was inspired by the Buffy ornament’s on Heroine_TV’s tree. I realized that a Buffy-themed little tree would have been so jazzy to have, even if it meant just making the ornaments myself (drawing them then matting them on paper with ribbon). Since there’s not much time until Christmas, I decided to abuse Photoshop and made my Buffy tree there! I’ve included a list of what I used, and other ideas I came up with later. Do you have even more Buffy-themed (not Angel the Series) ornament ideas? Draw from your vast knowledge and leave a comment!

The Ornament Collection:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Buffy Bust Ornament
Angel’s Tattoo
Anyanka Amulet (Ornament made by me)
Hostile 17
Mr. Gordo

Other Ornament Ideas:

(Note: Most of these would have to be tiny figurines or images.)

A Nonfat Yogurt lid: (re: “Sometimes I-I crave a nonfat yogurt afterwards” )
The Scythe
Yummy Sushi Pajamas
Mr. Pointy
Moo Button (Mother’s Oppossing the Occult – re: Gingerbread)
A beaten-up box of chocolates (From Spike to Buffy)
The Gem of Amara
A unicorn for Harmony
Snoopy in honor of Xander’s Snoopy dance
Anchovies for Dawn
Pez Witch
A purple sweater that doesn’t make you look fat (re: The Freshmen)
A Little Red Riding Hood Cape (re: Fear Itself)
Word of Valios Talisman (re: Doomed)
Initiative Night Vision Goggles
The Gentleman’s Voice Box
A beeper for if the apocalypse comes
Funnel Cake made by Andrew
Vampire Teeth
Tiny basket of kittens for poker
‘Kiss the Librarian’ mug
A copy of Oedipus (re: The Puppet Show)
A crystal ball for Tara – from Giles
Claddagh ring
A bunny (put there by Willow to scare Anya)
Something that plays “The Greatest Love Of All” sung by Cordy (re: The Puppet Show)
Sunnydale High School Yearbook
Picture of Angel, drawn by Spike (re: Chosen)
A waitress tag that says ‘Anne’
Orchid corsage (re: Homecoming)
Buffy’s Class Protector Parasol
Warren’s jetpack
Mummy hand
A Sunnydale Cheerleading Uniform
A preying Mantis (re: Teacher’s Pet)
An egg with a Bezoar inside
Cordelia’s Homecoming Queen Poster
A speedo for Xander (re: Go Fish)
Sunnydale graduation gown in burgundy (singed and torn – optional)
Olaf the troll
Orb of Thesula
Urn of Osiris (re: Bargaining)
Queen C license plate
Harmony’s note: “Slayer, come out and die!”

Credit where credit is due!: