Curious about what the most rude way o spend Christmas could be? Just take your tips from Archer!

Below are video clips for learning how to deal with people at Christmas Dinner, staying on budget for gifts, behavior for holiday parties, and being on the ski slopes. And don’t forget Archer season 3 has a premiere date of January 19th on FX (Thursdays at 10 PM ET/PT).

What Would Archer Do For Christmas Dinner?

“Look, he thinks he’s people!” – Archer Quotes

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What Would Archer Do For Holiday Budgeting?

“Arrange those by color. … Are five in a dark black and five in a slightly darker black?” = Archer

What Would Archer Do At The Office Holiday Party?

“I am drunk, or I wouldn’t be talking to you.” – Archer

What Would Archer Do In A Winter Wonderland?

“Are you going to throw that in my face the rest of my life?”
“Yea, all four minutes of it.” – Archer Quotes

Archer airs on FX.