Layout 1My amazingly productive and hip friend, Kerstin, sent me a link to a web series called A Town Called Panic. It has now been turned into a stop-motion movie. It’s way too cool for me to even know about, but they can’t stop me now! I know! And I love it. If you want to zoom past the info below and just watch the videos (which are even lower below), all you need to know is that it’s kind of like…if The Indian in the Cupboard movie adaptation had been made by Seth Green for Adult Swim.

Panic, whose cast first appeared in acclaimed short films, follows the offbeat adventures of a dozen characters who happen to be generic plastic toys. Cowboy, Indian and Horse all live together across from their neighbors, Steven the farmer and his wife Jeanine. The directors were able to enlist a brand new character for the feature film: Madame Longray, a very sexy and patient mare who teaches at the local music conservatory. Adding to the customary antics are a band of underwater creatures, up to no good whenever they drop in from their parallel universe.

Panic boasts a distinctive, easily recognized approach only its creators can provide: A cast comprised exclusively of ultra-basic but nostalgically evocative children’s toys, pleasingly bucolic settings disrupted by a rock ‘n’ roll sensibility, absurd dialogue and voice talents with such proudly silly delivery that there’s no mistaking this cartoon universe for anywhere else.

I’m providing one of the clips to the series, which is in English. And then I’ll show you the trailer for the French film. Both are hilarious. If you are looking for a place to watch the movie in a theater, check this link. If you want to see the official website, check this one.

Turns out the first one I wanted to show is not embeddeable! Here is the first clip: A Town Called Panic – CAKE

A Town Called Panic – TRAILER: