With The Sing Off season 2 premiere so close, it’s time for a sneak peak of The Sing Off season 2 groups! Remember to tune in on Monday, December 6th at 8/7c. These video clips show interviews and singing from the different contestants.

eleventh hour the sing off

A Moment with Eleventh Hour

Eleventh Hour discuss what it’s like being the youngest competitors.

Conversing with Committed

These spiritual singers find divine inspiration in a cappella.

Get Pitch Slapped!

These Berklee College of Music grads talk about their audition process.

Hear a Street Corner Symphony

Catching up with Street Corner

Kicking Back with The Backbeats

Discover why these talented performers think the Sing-Off needs some West Coast love.

Meet Groove for Thought

How do these diverse singers handle criticism? Find out!

Meet Jerry Lawson & Talk of the Town

Find out why these soulful singers are known as the godfathers of a cappella.

Meet the Whiffenpoofs

These Yale students combine smarts, sophistication, and sensational singing!

Meeting Men of Note

Of course they can sing, but their cool dance moves are a pleasant surprise!

Off the Record with On the Rocks

Learn how Lady Gaga and Ashton Kutcher played a role in this group’s sudden success!

The Sing-Off airs on NBC, Monday and Wednesday nights at 8/7c. Visit the Official Site for The Sing-Off, and keep an eye on our coverage for The Sing Off Season 2.