I’m still sorta new to Wii, but I like any game that has to do with TV shows that I enjoy. So, I hope the powers that be out there might make a Hellcats Wii game. It seems doable, since there are already some cheerleading games out there. (I don’t have any yet, but JUST YOU WAIT.)

Here are proposed ideas for a Hellcats Wii game:

  • A timed challenge to bike like Marti (who bikes ANGRY) through Memphis and the Lancer campus.
  • A cheerleading tryout challenge.
  • Learn a cheer routine.
  • Help create a pyramid.
  • Avoid Marti’s Mom and Alice.
  • A fashion challenge with Savannah.
  • Create the perfect “healing” word to write on someone’s arm a la Savannah.

So, those are just some ideas (after only seeing one episode, no less.) Do you have any?