Those Pretty Little Liars are known for having great style, and you can copy it.


We’ve amassed a collection of Pretty Little Liars Bags (informal) and Pretty Little Liars purses (formal.) The first four PLL bags are by Heather Belle, and have texts on them by A. It’s a little creepy and I probably wouldn’t wear these… but maybe you’ll dig them more than I do. If you want some PLL purses then I’ve picked four by Heather Belle that I like more. Four is the magic number – I picked one that I could see fitting each one of the girls. A navy and camel colored tote is perfect for preppy Spencer while a unique mustard colored clutch is more Aria’s style.

I’ve also included a link to some of the Pretty Little Liars bracelets with names that the show has made popular. I’m of the stance that they’re a little juvenile and not very cute. I prefer more stylish friendship bracelets.

Find the Pretty Little Liars bags, HERE and the handmade bracelets, HERE.

All of the Pretty Little Liars purses examples are from Heather Belle, HERE.

For more Pretty Little Liars bags check out these colorful eco friendly messenger bags in Emily’s style and some bow bags in Hannah’s style.

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