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On Fantastic Feathers for Hair (From Pretty Little Liars Style to Kayley Cuoco for The Nerd Machine)

Aria of Pretty Little Liars isn’t the first to ever sport hair feathers, but this stylish character on ABC Family has certainly helped cement the hair feathers trend. Even when I’m not trying to, I stumble across someone wearing one of these fashionable accessories. And the thing is, since they’re feathers, they’re not that expensive. […]

King of the Nerds (TBS) Cast – We dissect this geeky group and pick our favs!

There are 11 competitors on the King of the Nerds cast. The hosts are Robert Carradine and Curtis Armstrong, and you probably are already familiar with them. Having just seen the first episode (which will premiere on January 17 on TBS) I’m going to give you a more informed run-down on who is involved. And […]

Full TV Nerd Approval! Review Rundown of the Castle Season 3 DVD Extras

Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic make murder look easy on Castle! I mean, they make solving murders look easy. (Well – even the plots are usually rather complicated on the show, I never doubt that they’re going to have a brilliant breakthrough. Ya dig?) *A Note about the use of “TV Nerd” in the title. […]

Chuck Finale Review: It Did What Good TV Does

Below is a review of the Chuck series finale. Proceed with caution as spoilers are inside. Chuck Finale Review “Chuck Versus Sarah” and “Chuck Versus the Goodbye” I wasn’t emotionally up to writing about my thoughts immediately after I watched the Chuck finale last night. That probably sounds silly to a lot of people, but […]

Chuck Season 5 Celebration: Chuckfest 3 Pictures and your To-Do List!

Chuck fans celebrated with Chuckfest 3 in Los Angeles this past weekend. Tickets were $300.00 and a portion of that was donated to Zachary Levi‘s charity of choice, Operation Smile. If you missed out on the fun, you’re not alone, because there were only 60 tickets available. But thanks to Erin of TheNerdyGirls we are […]

Prep for the Chuck Season 5 Premiere with Our Numbered Style Recap

The Chuck season 5 premiere is so close that you can taste the cheese puffs. Before it airs on Friday (NBC), let’s take a look back at Chuck season 4. The Chuck season 4 DVD and Blu-Ray is available now. Since I got my hands on a coveted copy of this nerdtastic spy show it’s […]

Leslie Knope’s Red Engagement Ring Box: Parks and Recreation Trivia from Amy Poehler!

Did that Leslie Knope engagement ring box look familiar? It should have. During a conference call with Amy Poehler, Adam Scott and Mike Schur, a nice bit of Parks and Recreation trivia surfaced. Emily Gagne TV Guide Canada (who said “about” in a way that made me giggle and want to befreind them*) asked if […]

Revenge Season Finale Recap “Reckoning” – OH.EM.GEE

On the day of reckoning, the truth will be revealed.  The just will get their rewards and the evil will be punished.  For Emily Thorne and the Graysons, the day of reckoning has finally come. Grayson vs Grayson The war between Victoria and Conrad continues as Emily fakes a break-in to steal back the evidence […]

Whoa! Chuck, Supernatural and Fringe Prove to have More Fall TV Buzz than Glee, The Playboy Club, Charlie’s Angels

You’ll be surprised at what Chuck season 5 (Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, Adam Baldwin, Joshua Gomez) , Supernatural season 7 (Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalacki) and Fringe season 4 (Joshua Jackson, Anna Torv) have in common. According to Banyan Branch, a leading full-service social media agency, these are the top three TV shows receiving buzz online, […]

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