The CW is the first network bringing us new fall programming this year, so bravo to them for not making us wait until October. Their shows kick off tonight with the season 2 premiere of “90210,” followed by the pilot episode of “Melrose Place.” The “Melrose Place” review is coming later, but the “90210” review is right here and ready to go. Spoilers after the jump.

Let’s start with Annie. After calling the cops on Naomi’s party last year, she’s a complete social leper, including with her own brother Dixon. Oh, also? The guy she hit is in a coma and he dies during the premiere. Poor Annie. What does she do to cope? Gets drunk with some senior named Mark and (probably) loses her virginity. Oh, and Naomi gets ahold of a picture Mark took of the whole event. Uh oh.

Speaking of Naomi, she still thinks Annie slept with Liam and is out for revenge. To keep herself from dwelling on Liam all summer, she found a new boytoy mantoy in the form of a 35 year-old married father of two. Uh oh.

The other guy who has caught Naomi’s eye is new guy Teddy, who was Adrianna’s camp boyfriend and also the boy who cashed in her V card. Navid is thrilled that he goes to West Bev, particularly since Adrianna wants to straighten her life around and won’t sleep with Navid. Wah-wah.

Teddy also manages to cause trouble for Silver and Dixon when he finds Silver’s phone and reads a text she gets from Ethan talking about their shared kiss. He spills the beans to Dixon, who is done with Silver. When Silver tells Teddy he ruined her whole life, Teddy looks guilty about it, but I don’t buy it. I think he knows exactly what’s up and is interested in getting Silver’s silver tongue down his pretty-boy throat.

Oh and right at the end of the episode? Liam is back in school and wants to talk to Naomi, who runs off. How would that conversation go? “Uh, good to see you. I was at military school. I slept with your sister before I left. How was your summer?”

Tune in tonight for all the drama on the CW at 8 pm/7 pm central.