The creeps and manipulators are back for another episode of ’90 Day Fiance.’ (What’s most interesting is that though the women are who you’d think are doing the scamming, it’s the men who seem to be really taking advantage of the situation.)

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90 Day Fiance Recap

Alan and Kirlyam

It’s time for a modeling meeting! Alan is super jealous, but Kirlyam is naive and a happy little girl to think about being a big model. A test shoot is set up, and Kirlyam is excited. But not Alan. He’s worried about the “racy” photos. Alan is ready to put his foot down about what Kirlyam can and can’t do…as he’s Mormon. (Has Kirlyam has become a Mormon yet? Wait, no, she’s already Mormon. Or, so says the internet.)

Alan’s Mom asks Kirlyam about getting to see the wedding dress. But Kirlyam says “no.” Mrs. Mom says she is asking because she has to make sure it is modest enough for their Mormon ways. Kirlyam says her Mom gave her the dress, so it’s very special. She goes on to explain that it’s a special thing between her and her Mom.

Kirlyam goes to her photo shoot. The first photo set is about soccer. (Cleavage is there.) Alan calls her, but she doesn’t pick up (cause she’s working.) Because he’s a control sock monkey, he shows up at the shoot like an intrusive predator. Russ says that seeing men stare at his fiance is “hard to stomach.” The good news for Kirlyam is that she looks gorgeous in her pictures. He tells her, “You look too pretty when you model. Too pretty. I don’t like it.”

The agents want to book Kirlyam for photos, and Alan is bothered. He tries to scare her that if he has to work and she has to go to a shoot, that she might not be okay. He seems to want her to stay close to him, and – he wants to control her and be his. He doesn’t care about keeping her safe, he just wants to scare her into not doing anything he doesn’t want her to do.

Alan decides that 90 days is too long (even though all fo the other couples keep saying that 90 days isn’t enough time.) Alan doesn’t like not being able to have Kirlyam in his bed at night, though. So he says they must get married faster. To keep his hands latched around her, presumably.

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Time to model!

Russ and Paola

“I want her to feel completely at home, ASAP,” shares Russ. So he wants her to like football and get into the community. But he, once again, suffers the “I have to wait forever” thing that guys hate about girls. Paola seems to think her diva attitude is cute, but Russ always seems genuinely annoyed. They finally get on the road to go to a tailgate.

Paola shares that she doesn’t think she will like “the football game” and is worried she’s “gonna disappoint Russ.”

Most American girls who don’t like sports just don’t bother with it, and they don’t let their man make them try. The fact that Paola is even trying is pretty nice. Russ needs to stop trying to control Paola so much. But Paola also needs to stop trying to use him like a human ATM. So, they’ve both got stuff to work on.

Paola had a wedding day in mind – December 7th – but it’s a big game day so Russ has said no way to that.

“I don’t understand why this football game is more important than my wedding.” – Paola, making a fair point

Russ also tries to explain tailgating. Paola has no idea what the tents and food are for. She thinks it’s a barbeque. Which she also doesn’t do.

(I get the feeling that if she was in the position to complain, she’d do none of this for Russ. She’s not in love with him, either. There’s no chemistry. But he’s a way to be in America. She wants a rich life. She doesn’t yet realize exactly how “rich” Russ really is.)

Russ’s work is calling him away. Suddenly, it seems clear why Paola picked Russ as her American husband.  He works far away quite often. Uh-huh.

Mike and Aziza

They finally DID IT. Probably because Aziza knew she was about to lose his trust in her. Of all the couples, this is the one that screams “GREEN CARD” the most. Aziza doesn’t seem into Mike at all. (AT ALL.) And Mike is such a scummy person. He even looks like a horny creep, salivating, every time he’s on screen. He also has no respect for Aziza, as he explains that if his friends get him a stripper there’s nothing she can do about it.

Later, Aziza goes to a salon with her future bridesmaids (two women she doesn’t know.) They’re Mike’s sister, and someone else. (Kelli and Amy.) These two girls kind of ditch Aziza, and grill her about “getting cold feet.” (Those jerks.) As Aziza sits to get her hair done, Kelli and Amy gossip about her.

The Bachelor and Bachelorette parties are in full swing. We’ve already seen that Mike enjoys getting Aziza jealous. He seems interested in going to a strip club now that Aziza is completely against it. Mike’s friends can’t believe that Aziza thinks she can tell him he can’t go to one. (This just in: Mike’s friends are all single losers.)

Meanwhile, Aziza is taken out to “World of Beer” to do shots she doesn’t want to do.  So, it’s her bachelorette party but she doesn’t even like beer, so of course they took her here. (Though I dislike Aziza, I felt so bad for her during this episode.) Mike’s Mom (who looks very New Jersey) gets drunk (and smokes inside the restaurant, so apparently Cleveland doesn’t have to abide by the Ohio smoking ban,) and starts insulting Aziza. She even says that Aziza is going to feed Mike’s entire family rat poison the day after the wedding. … Wow.

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This is about as happy as Aziza ever looks with Mike.

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Look how enamored she is with him.

Louis and Aya

As soon as she’s been stateside, Aya has been unhappy with the state of things not being clean or nice enough. But Louis has two kids, so he has no excess money.

Because Aya has left her entire life behind, she says she wants her wedding to be “extra special.”

They go wedding dress shopping. A snag is hit when the dress she wants is over $300… Realistically, that’s a really inexpensive wedding dress! Do they even come cheaper than that? It turns out that the store (The Perfect Stitch) is willing to give her the gown for $300, the veil for $75,a nd the alterations would be $125.00. It’s extremely reasonable. But Louis feels blindsided.

When he’d said the dress had to be under $300, apparently he meant the entire bridal outfit. (And they haven’t even discussed shoes, yet.)

Louis explains that because he’s just paid rent, he can’t afford the dress. Aya is pissed. That’s the dress she wants.

“Maybe we should just wait until I actually have the money in my damn hands.” – Louis

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Do you really not? Do you really think Alan is totally sweet and loving and not at all weird and controlling? REALLY?

90 Day Fiance – Real or Fake?

Every week we try to figure out if any of these relationships are for real. I do think that the couples are real, and they really did come over here and are all engaged. But I don’t think the “love” is real.

But it starts to get complicated. Paola and Aziza both showed emotion in this episode. (Aya did too, but only over not getting the wedding dress she wants.) However, Paola and Aziza seem to only like their respective men as an extention of what the men represent (life in America, money, a better life.) So these two become linked, and the women do care about the guys, at least enough to keep up a charade. (Paola is gritting her teeth about everything. Aziza is glum…)

We have Kirlyam… she’s naive and sweet and innocent. But for a girl who loves her family so much, it seems odd that she’d ever leave them. Also, she doesn’t seem to like Alan at all. Even though I hate to think anything bad of her, it seems like she’s actually scamming Alan after all. She’s going to give herself to him as long as she can have this life in America. No matter what she has to endure. In fact, that’s how all of these women are acting. They are relinquishing their opinions and voices to do whatever will make these men happy enough to marry them.

P.S. Who is Len and Alina and where are they? Are they no longer on the show because there’s SCANDAL?

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